Inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World” . Self Portrait taken via self timer.

Since I began Infrared photography, I wanted a way to place myself into the euphoric and vivid world of plants photographing in IR creates. When I photograph in Infrared, I feel at home in a landscape that can sometimes feel lackluster. Infrared photography has completely changed the way I view the landscape. When walking through a particular area, I am not focusing on how green an area looks, I am in my own IR daydream, walking through cotton candy fields, viewing everything through rose colored glasses. “Asa’s world” depicts what I “see” since I began photographing in IR, and places me in the land that I so desperately wish to visit.

A self portrait using a point and shoot proved to be a difficult task, after 150 photos I finally got one that I felt captured what I was aiming for – me, content sitting in my own daydream.