Alienated – 2022

I took this photograph while visiting the town of Upperville, Virginia, roughly two hours from my hometown in Carroll County, Maryland. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2018, later discovering infrared photography. Until my trip, I had not had the opportunity to photograph using my converted camera in an area as green as the east coast, or visit the area I grew up during the summertime. I was hit with a feeling of nostalgia, and feeling like an outsider in an area that had once been so familiar to me. While on a walking path, I stumbled upon a lone tree on the property, and took this photograph. I wanted to capture the loneliness I felt while being back in my hometown, and the longing I had kept buried for the scenery I was currently engulfed in. I felt alienated, like I was a stranger in a land I had once known so well, which lead to this photograph.