Amogha drk. Krishna is a travelling Hare Krishna monk and usually takes each day and new city as it comes. Right now he sleeps quite well on a simple yoga mat at the Hare Krishna temple in Oslo, Norway. Every morning he gets up at 5 a.m. and meditates on an empty stomach for 2 hours.

This photo is taken with Kodak Aerochrome 35mm slide film. The camera is a analog Minolta X7a with an orange number 16 filter on the lens. . The resulting images are grainy with vivid colours and strong shadows, often with a dreamlike appearance. The film was originally developed by Kodak during the Second World War for camouflage detection. It has later been used for aerial photography, astronomy, archaeology and forest surveys. The production of the film was discontinued in 2011, and today it is quite hard to find.