Watersmeet House

The Watersmeet House stands at the bottom of a deep gorge at the confluence of the East Lyn River and Hoar Oak Water in Devon, South-England..

The Rock

The Rocks formation in the Coast of South-England.

Three Peaks

The Dolomite Mountain located in northeastern Italy.

The Rock

The picture of the rock is taken with a ND Filter.

Tree Trunk

The picture of the Tree Trunk on the beach is taken during the sunset.


The Lake with Mountain as a background in Italy is photographed early in the morning with a Kolari IR-Filter 665nm.


The Dolomite Mountain is photographed with a Kolari IR-Filter 665nm and is convert in black and white. The weather was cloudy.

Lichtenstein Castle

It was cloudy during shoot the picture of the Lichtenstein Castle in south Germany with infrared filter 720nm.


Windmill in Kinderdijk – Holland