A Tree

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It was still in Covid lockdown that Melbourne had, though people were allowed to exercise. Strangely enough, the park in my suburb had nobody jogging or strolling at all. I took a shot of this massive tree with no human beings in the scene.

A Photo looking like an Oil Painting

oil painting

I took this photo with my full spectrum Sony A7RII, with no filters at all on the lense. The effect looks like an oil painting, it was straight out from the camera with no post processing. It was a unique image and it was also a miracle that a full spectrum camera had such an […]

The Flower

mirror lense flower(2)

Image was taken at sunset when visible light become stronger and IR light becomes weaker, full spectrum camera used, with no filters of any kind.

Trees in a Farm

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I drove past the farming area of Heathcote, Victoria Australia, was fascinated by the scenery of farms and cattles. This particular farm had some tall trees and I was so impressed with the leaves glittering the light-a combination of visible and invisible light, so this image was taken. Channel swapped during post processing.

Farm in Green

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I was struck by the farm scenes where trees were the subject to be taken photo of. I used full spectrum camera with no IR filter on lense.

Pelican in Water


This image was taken with 590nm filter on a lens hooked with a full spectrum camera. I endeavored to depict the pelican portrait in a different tonal-environment and a 590nm IR filter made this possible.

Grow in Drought

Grow in Drought

I took this image in a desert of Northern Territory of Australia, where trees seemed dead but did not fall down. I was astounded by the beauty of the dry land with background bush in IR light and foreground trees in visible light. Image was taken with a full spectrum Sony mirrorless camera, no filter […]

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