Landscape in the IR range

he photo was taken in one of the parks in Beijing. The photo is stitched from several frames to increase the angle.


Photo of early spring. Added color using Viveza filter in Photoshop.


I shot the shadows of the metal body early in the morning. Enhanced yellow and blue for expressiveness.

Town Noon

The photo was taken at noon in a shopping center. Enhanced the color using the Viveza filter in Photoshop.


Portrait of a wonderful person and an excellent stylist Ilya

Beijing in the infrared range

I managed to travel to Beijing a year ago. I was especially impressed by the parks and historic buildings in the city. Time after time I opened for myself the “Summer Palace”, “Imperial Garden”, “Forbidden City”, “Great Wall”, I was always delighted with the harmony of the garden and the architecture. This was especially visible […]

Shougang Park

In 2019, I went to China, and my colleagues took me to the site of the former Shugang steel plant in the suburbs of Beijing. This place is interesting because instead of demolishing the plant, the country’s authorities decided to create a park, recreation area and build sports facilities for the 2022 Winter Olympics. It […]

Female portrait

To better convey the character of my wife, I tried shooting in the infrared. The result was a very thin and tender portrait.

Before the rain

Before the rain there was a very strong weather condition. I quickly took some pictures. And it seems to me that in monochrome photography is better.