Touching the Sublime

Hi Ilija and Kolari team! This submission to the “IR photo essay” is a potion of a photobook I just finished putting together. The formatting from the book is maintained, but I’m more than happy to reformat and/or edit the text to whatever degree would be appropriate for publishing online.

Mount Shuksan Reflects in Lake Ann

A calm evening, camping in one of my favourite regions, with the setting sun making Shuksan’s unique summit pyramid stand out uniquely.

Mount Garibaldi and Upper Brandywine Creek

The gradation of light above Mount Garibaldi and the form of Upper Brandywine Creek come together to compose what could have been a 1960’s psychedelic rock concert poster.

Juniper Point Juniper

The tree zigs, the tree zags, its needles glow, and the waves shimmer. Ahh, nature is just so aesthetic.

Maligne Lake Fire Hills

The hills around the famous Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park seem to be set ablaze with infrared light.

Sun Flare Over Icemaker Glacier

In the remote backcountry far north of Vancouver one finds a land forgotten by time, where time marches at a glacial pace.