Glory Hole

PSX 20190111 091718

Deemed the smallest natural waterfall by locals, here is Mill Pond Waterfall. Located in Newington, Connecticut. One can sit here and let this little natural wonder sooth away life’s rough edges.

Indian Leap

PSX 20190111 091047

Taken in Norwich, Connecticut. Legend has it that a tribe of Indians rather than surrender they leaped to their death after being trapped on a ledge over the falls. 720nm capture colored with a visible light capture(only blue in the water).

Blood Spilled

PSX 20190107 143558

A decaying wall of Old New Gate Prison. The first prison in the U.S. and probably one of the worst. Inmates were locked underground in a copper mine. There are many stories of deaths and inhumane treatment. Many believe the grounds are still haunted by the poor souls tortured here. One can only wonder what […]

A Look into The Black

PSX 20190107 144431

I feel something looking from the blackness. Was it me? Or just my imagination? My heart is the hammer, jolting my bones. Filled with this electric fear, I turn my head. I take a look into the darkness, or am I looking at you? Self portrait, taken with artificial infrared light.

A Different Light

20181028 144630 scaled

The different light that shines and creates a new world. (Infrared bulb close up)

Blood Gone

PSX 20190103 194236

A fallen gravestone propped up against another. Blood is gone even when all is left is stone. Taken at a cemetery in Newington, CT. This is a 720nm capture colored with a visible light capture, taken at the same time.

Blood Rich

PSX 20190101 224430

Taken at preserved summer cottage in Litchfield, CT. I use a method of taking several exposures at the same time, some IR and some visible light. I use the visible light captures to color the infrared ones.

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