Peaceful Awe

There is nothing quite like the awe you feel when you care close to a large, intelligent mammal. Especially when its exhibiting natural behaviour in its own environment. The ground was parched and even under IR the grass still manages to look bleak, indicating it was various shades of brown rather then vivid green. A […]

Yin and Yang

Originally male and female Eclectus Parrots were thought to be different species, given the extreme differences in appearance. Under IR these parrots also starkly apparent. In the visible spectrum the female (sitting inside the tree) has red plumage covering her head which becomes blue around the body resulting in this highly contrasting white hood shown […]

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park – Sweltering under the midday sun we climbed and we climbed and we climbed. The view was spectacular but washed out under the heat of the day and with the sullen browns of the dry season it wasn’t giving me much photographic inspiration. Luckily along with water I had packed my IR […]

Island of the Birds

On a small Island in the sub Antarctic there are two species of enormous, carnivorous birds. Skua and giant petrels. It can be an other worldly place to visit and IR nicely conveys the dramatic and alien nature of the place while giving a slightly dangerous and morbid atmosphere as these large avian predators stalk […]

Sea meets Sky

Taken while travelling on a boat in Indonesia. A clouds bank had come over and I was struck by the contrast between the deep dark salt water and the glowing heaven above. Wedged in between was a finger of grey land, dotted with bright patches of light, where trees grew on the barren landscape. This […]

Giant Petrels

Nestled under a bush in the sub-antarctic landscape, two giant petrels appear just as startled as me by there sudden appearance

Circle of Life

Infra Red provides an excellent medium for portraying some of the more grim subjects. Here in the sub-Antartic a southern royal albatross slowly decomposes in the elements. A remnant of feathers and bones defying the majesty of what it once was. You can see in the top left hadn’t corner two elongated shapes moving, as […]