Desert Storm

Shelf Cloud Desert 452a5cb3 dfce 46c6 b2da 3566a2d5dcc4

Shelf Cloud leads a series of thunder storm through the Arizona desert on October 15, 2022. Shot on Pentax K1 Full Spectrum modified with No Filters.

Old 1890 Ranch House

Astro Landscape Old 1890 Ranch House Tim LiscumJPG 1eedcc0d 2d07 42ad baa8 4fde3face44c

My first light painting attempt on this old adobe 1890 Ranch House in the remote Arizona desert. Shot at 50mm on Pentax K1 Full Spectrum.. no filters.

Superstition Mountains

Astro Landscape Superstition Mtn Tim Liscum b82bece1 50c8 4e5d 8f38 5f20bbaaa4f3

3am Milky Way rising over the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona. Shot on Pentax K1 at 30mm.. natural light comes from city light pollution and headlights from Route 60 and 88

Tempe Town Lake

IR Landscape Tempe Town Lake Tim Liscum d1846ea9 d978 4ea4 bfa8 5ed2c60264c7

Landscape shot of Tempe Town Lake with some cool cloud formations. Shot in 720nm Kolari Pro 720 on Pentax K1 Full Spectrum at 24mm

Momos House

Astro Landscape Momos House Liscum 4b63aa4c 1e56 4ac6 b7c0 7495164488fa

Early season Milky Way over abandoned Jail in Arizona mountains. Light painted foreground all at 50mm on Pentax K1 Full Spectrum , no filters.

Prickly Pears

Astro Landscape Prickly Pears Tim Liscum 8a1cd046 d500 4834 85ce 2fdb0098bf2c

Prickly Pear Astro Landscape shot on Pentax K1 Full Sprectum, No Filters, low level light off to the right..

Bike Lane

IR Landscape Bike Lane Tim Liscum eb20507b 1efb 4c3a b745 99f6a97ac9ea

Bike Lane shot in 590nm Kolari Pro on Pentax K1 Full Spectrum

Fulton Lake

IR Landscape Fulton Lake Liscum f1e83914 65f0 4fce 878d d3c71512b2a4

Shot at Fulton Lake in Kolari Pro 590nm on Pentax K1 Full Spectrum

Faux Fall

IR Chrome Faux Fall Tim LIscum 4d125213 2485 4277 ba01 f42b8bbd6e0c

First outing with the IR Chrome filter.. Faux Fall in Phoenix

Sedona in Infrared

IR Landscape Sedona in Infrared Tim Liscum bd784847 9d15 4e31 ac65 2c698deed726

Mid Morning shot from a hike in Sedona.. Shot on Pentax K1 Full Spectrum and Kolari Pro 590nm at 24mm

Lakeside 720

IMGP8877 Edit 2

First time trying 720 IR. Used the Kolari 720 Pro 77mm on my Full Spectrum Pentax K1. Location was at a local lake in Chandler Arizona in October, 2020

Willow Lake 590

IMGP8290 Edit

First Landscape attempt in IR. Using Kolari 590nm Pro 77mm on a Full Spectrum Pentax K1. Location in Willow Lake on the Mogollon Rim in Northern Arizona. Taken in October, 2020

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