Blue Hour at Mono Lake

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The shore of the lake was shoulder to shoulder photographers at sunset but as soon as the sun dropped behind the horizon everyone packed up and left. My friends and I stayed until the bitter end and this photo was taken in almost complete dark.

Glacier Bay

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Taken from the deck of a ship in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Sierra Gold

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Taken in the beautiful Eastern Sierra in October when the fall color stuns the eye.


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Lokker Park in Camarillo CA near my home. I often go there to photograph the local dogs when they are walked in the morning and evenings, but this day I took my IR camera in the middle of the day when the park was empty. This empty bench looked forlorn to me as if it […]

Santa Barbara Courthouse

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People come from far and wide to see the beautiful Santa Barbara Spanish Revival Building that houses the Courthouse.

Descanso Oak

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One of our beautiful California oak trees here at Descanso Gardens in Flintridge California.

Japanese Garden

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The Huntingdon Gardens in Pasadena California have many different areas, this one was taken in the Japanese Garden

Fantasy Island

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Taken at the LA Arboretum where the TV series Fantasy Island was shot.

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