Infinite You

Yesterday i went to the Liberation Museum. It is located at sahabag, Dhaka. After coming inside, I saw this scene suddenly. One person is walking, Through the light & dark game of light. I love the way the light leads my eye to the silhouetted man

Children are enjoying the festival Of durga puja

I remember the day when I picked up my camera, about 3 years ago, I was so elated. My camera became my companion; it shifted my mind from fictional world to reality. Days after days, I used to carry my companion to capture the momentums of life from different places or situations. Gradually, I started […]

Rakher upobas

Rakher Upobas ( কার্তিক বারতি ) Samibag Mondir , Dhaka Ritual Festival Rakher Upobas in Bangladesh . Thousnad of hindu devotees sit with prodip and pray to god in front of Shri Shri Loknath Bramchari Asram temple during the religious festiva kartik baroti or rakher upobas in Dhaka. Faithful sit in front of candles light […]


I love i composed this image with an overhead POV, framing these beautiful boats against the shimmering water!!! I love the vivid contrasting textures [between] the boats, the pier, and ripples on the surface of water. I love how i described the place glistening in sunlight to like one vast sun temple!!”