River Dee Chester IR

River Dee Chester IR fdc7ca59 f72e 412d ab97 b7c40ef05fc3

The River Dee taken from the Groves, Chester ,UK. Full spectrum converted Fuji XT-1 with 720nm filter

Shot at Dawn

Shot at Dawn IR 691b5337 9685 464f 9a14 ab0e23d91f75

The memorial portrays a young British soldier blindfolded and tied to a stake, ready to be shot by a firing squad. Modelled on the likeness of 17-year-old Private Herbert Burden, who lied about his age to enlist in the armed forces & later shot for desertion. It is surrounded by a semicircle of stakes, on […]

Upland Farming Snowdonia IR

Upland Farming Snowdonia IR b2c59a91 6e4b 4b23 aa72 3c5fe891086f

Farming in the Snowdonia National Park showing the typical stone walls and gateposts. Full spectrum converted Fuji XT-1 with 18-55mm lens, 720nm + ND4 filters. ISO 200 1/250sec F11

Cheshire Fields

Cheshire Fields IR fbd3875a 9883 4138 b89d 32e8a2c2ef38

The fields of Cheshire , UK, looking towards the Cheshire Plain. Full Spectrum Fuji XT-1 with 14mm lens, 550nm filter

Snowdonia North Wales

Snowdonia North Wales IR 37e3a3a6 f982 4a67 aa58 4781e36f209f

Snowdonia National Park, North Wales showing a Rhododendron bush self seeded within the split in a rock. Full spectrum Fuji XT-1 with 14mm lens, 550nm filter + ND4.

Sunflower UVIF

Sunflower UVIF 83df11f8 460d 46dc 8bef 3aa8f7636b89

UV Induced Fluorescence from a sunflower using three UV arms Nikon D750 with vintage Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm lens 30 seconds , F22, ISO 100

A shady spot IRC

A shady spot IRC d7a81534 1a95 40bc a893 5a3249f1b503

Tables and chairs under the shade of a tree in a leafy courtyard in France. IR Chrome filter on Fuji 14mm lens, 1/50 second at F11, ISO 200

Acer Brilliantisimum Flower IRC

Acer Brilliantisimum Flower IRC 4b9c93d0 1452 4d8b 8b1b 094e06cf459e

The flower from an Acer Brilliantisimum tree – used a Fuji XT-1 with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm lens + IR Chrome filter which produced nice Bokeh.

Rocks and Flowers UVIF

Rocks and Flowers UVIF 6dc25924 a3df 4e96 bbbe 67881f9e8378

Sempervivum and Rhodanthamum flowers showing Ultra Violet Induced Fluorescence. 4 second exposure under three UV arms using Nikon D750 with vintage Carl Zeiss 50mm lens. The colours have been inverted.

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