A day in the park

When I travel I like to capture daily life, the innocent moments of people living their life as I am but a casual observer. I captured this park (Inseli Park) while strolling through the city Lucerne.

A stroll through Lucerne

Lucerne was probably one of the most photogenic cities that not enough IR photographers capture! This photograph captures the old bridge as well as the gorgeous trees lining the streets of the city.

Autumn in Northern Georgia

This was my first time seeing the leaves change color, absolutely stunning, and I’m glad I was able to capture it in IR as well. IR gives such a different perspective on what we see with our own eyes.

Cast Away Your Worries

After a year like 2020, my fiance and I decided it was time to take a trip to get away from the city life, to get away from stress and worries of COVID-19, and what better way to do that than casting a fly fishing rod in a mountain river (Toccoa River, Northern Georgia)


What a surreal place! Big Talbot Island Boneyard Beach is incredible, it makes you feel like a place stood still in time, other than the footsteps in the sand of course 😉

Gaudis Infrared Barcelona

I like to believe that if Gaudi was alive today, he would be just as fascinated with the infrared spectrum as we all are.


Meet Hutch! Hutch is my American Dingo, and also happened to be my first test subject for IR photography.

Long Creek Falls

After about a 2 mile hike and 300ft in elevation gain, my fiance and I arrived at Long Creek Falls. I don’t have experience photographing water falls or flowing water, so I was quite pleased that I was able to achieve a bit of an ND effect without an ND filter.

Go with the flow

With a year like 2020, we can learn a lot from observing mother nature. We could all use to be a bit more like this creek (Long Creek, Northern Georgia), go with the flow, go around obstacles, and remember those downstream.

Meandering through the grasslands

Northeast Florida is covered in grass marshes, or grasslands, with saltwater rivers meandering through out them allowing us to peer into an older world. Not many see this world in another light though.

Taking Flight

I look forward to 2021 and hope to take flight once again, just as this bird is doing.

That lightbulb moment

Sometimes you are just sitting there, enjoying a glass of wine after exploring a new city, you look up and you get an idea. That lightbulb moment.