Zakim Bridge

A view of the Zakim Bridge in Boston, MA along the Charles River. Shot at 550nm.

The Pink House – in IR

The Pink House is located in Newbury, MA. Urban legend says it’s a spite house. A couple get divorced and the wife requests that a replica of their home to be built as part of the divorce agreement. He builds it, but on a salt marsh, which is uninhabitable. There is a preservation group called […]

Larz Anderson Park Tennis Ball

While trying to get a shot of a nearby gazebo, a tennis ball was spotted along the water. I found this tennis ball to be strikingly more interesting than the gazebo while shooting in IRchrome.

Sink or Soar at Sunrise

Experimenting with light at sunrise shooting at 590nm from the vantage point of the Boston University Bridge.

Light and Shadow

Interesting light, shadows and lines at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. Shot at 550nm.