White Christmas in Hong Kong

The IR effect turns the early autumn greenish scenery into a White Christmas in Hong Kong. The long exposure of the light trails add a little bit sweet to the photo.

Cyber City

The infrared effect turns a city into cyber look which makes it looks so surreal.

City under the clouds

The place beneath the plane seemed so tranquil and peaceful. Who can tell that the city was in turmoil?


The beautiful weather enhances the serenity of the reflection.


The tranquility of this traditional Japanese garden contrasting with the modern architecture makes the city even more appealing.

Divine Clouds

The Grand Guanyin statue amidst the divine clouds makes the place even more religious. I took tons of photos that morning in order not to miss out every single detail.

Golden Temple

That day was a sunny day. The golden lotus added charm to the temple

Pearl of the Orient

The infrared night scene in Hong Kong makes the Pearl of Orient look even more spectacular.

IR Chrome at Night

This is the photo of my first trial on IR Chrome filter and it gave me a fantastic feel of the IR Chrome effect.

Train in the Red Forest

This is my neighborhood and this is my daily form of transportation. With the IR Chrome effect, it seems that I’ve moved to a new place, starting a new life.