The infrared effect of startrail is so special to attract people’s attention.

Smiley Flower

The gesture of the flower seems to be smiling at people.

Tokyu in Pink

The infrared colour of pink foliage and the sky gives a different feeling of people towards Tokyo, Japan


The pink trees in the snow gives me a romantic feeling.

Lonely Tree

The tree stand alone with the accompany of the road sign and two benches. It seems that the signage and the benches were the support of the tree with such adverse weather.


The structure stands silently within the plantings

Birds View of Towns

The photo gives me a feeling of a bird’s view looking down at the town underneath.

White Christmas in Hong Kong

The IR effect turns the early autumn greenish scenery into a White Christmas in Hong Kong. The long exposure of the light trails add a little bit sweet to the photo.

Cyber City

The infrared effect turns a city into cyber look which makes it looks so surreal.

City under the clouds

The place beneath the plane seemed so tranquil and peaceful. Who can tell that the city was in turmoil?