Descendant of the Pharaohs

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Photo taken on film Minolta XE7 and digitized. I Could not upload the image unless I named a current camera model As all photographers know, a good photograph can be taken with any camera, current or not.. To me, the image of the camel driver conveys a sad life, one that never got beyond serving […]

Home Burial

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A view from a farmhouse window to a family cemetery.

The Light at Lyndhurst Mansion Tarrytown NY

The Light at Lyndhurst Mansion. Tarrytown, NY dc8c657c afb1 4752 93dc dd49cc1b0033

This photo was made with a Minolta Dimage 7 and 720 nm filter. [Not listed in above brands.] The light and not the tree is actuallythe subject of this image. I listed a Nikon D70s as the camera because it would not upload without a camera brand.

Evil Intentions

Evil Intentions 986366f3 a931 4d3d 975a ca6f831da2cf

Taken from the rooftop of Notre Dame, the gargoyle seems to threaten the entire city of Paris.

The Abbey Cape May NJ

The Abbey, Cape May,NJ 07a51bfe c90a 4f57 b53d 80a94299ec14

Formerly a private home, the Abbey is now a Bed and Breakfast. With the right light, The Abbey is a perfect subject for infrared.

Omaha Beach Normandy France

Omaha Beach, Normandy, France dd2dcf90 828c 4cde 8844 7f2f42f2d92d

Photo taken on Omaha Beach, Normandy France. It is an attempt to convey the terrible sacrifice American soldiers experienced as they liberated France in 1944. Modifications and enhancements made in Photoshop.

Death Valley California

Death Valley, California 8bab50e3 c940 4df3 b3de bae19308f718

Taken in 2012 in Death Valley with Nikon D90 converted to infrared.. Processed minimally in Photoshop. Bird added for interest.

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