Summertime in Paris

Summertime in Paris, where the heat led to the transformation of the fountains of the Trocadero into swimming pools. Participation 1/15 – Pierre-Louis Ferrer.


A view to the hill of Montmartre after a big storm, where a giant and luminous cloud stood upon the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Participation 2/15 – Pierre-Louis Ferrer.

Arpenaz Waterfall

Arpenaz Warerfall, in the French region of Savoie. Participation 3/15 – Pierre-Louis Ferrer.


Natural portrait of Auriane surrounded by ferns. Participation 4/15 – Pierre-Louis Ferrer.


Natural portrait of Priscillia, with the gaze darkened by the shadow of the trees. Participation 5/15 – Pierre-Louis Ferrer.


Natural and graphic portrait of Laurène, masked by the foliage.


Mystic portrait of Nescia in an urban environment mixed with natural patterns. Participation 7/15 – Pierre-Louis Ferrer.

Castle of Trvarez

The Castle of Trévarez is a stately home in the commune of Saint-Goazec in Finistère, in Brittany, France. The former manor house was built in the 16th century (the west part) and the 17th century (the east part). The present structure was commissioned by James de Kerjégu, Chairman of the General Council of Finistère, and […]

Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial

The Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial is a United States military cemetery in the Suresnes, Hauts-de-Seine, France. It is the resting place of 1,541 American soldiers killed in World War I. A panoramic view of Paris can be seen from the site, which is located high on the slopes of Mont Valérien. Participation 10/15 – […]

White Palms

Palm grove of Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles. Participation 11/15 – Pierre-Louis Ferrer.

Living in a Dream

Isolated house near a river, like in an island connected to the rest of the world by a small bridge. The full reflection at the surface of the river gives to this picture an impression of celestial environment. Participation 8/15 – Pierre-Louis Ferrer.

One Red World Trade Center

One World Trade Center building surrounded by the trees and limbs from the 9/11 memorial, in Manhattan. Participation 12/15 – Pierre-Louis Ferrer.