White Hot Portrait

Shot on an Xtherm T3S Thermal imaging camera (not a Canon, had to pick something from the list). Heat is represented by white and cold is represented by black. I took this photo in pitch darkness, one of the interesting benefits of thermal imaging, you don’t need any light at all

Black Hot Portrait

Shot with an Xtherm T3S (Not a Canon camera but I had to put something normal down) thermal imaging camera, heat is represented by black what cold is represented by white. Not your typical infrared but technically DEEP infrared. Much Much deeper than 850nm.

Hypercolor Female Long-Tailed Duck

I had an opportunity to photograph a diverse set of ducks from all over the world. And capture them in infrared to see the different colors their plumage created. This is a female long-tailed duck swimming in a captive pond.

Lesser Scaup Floating in Rain

Female Lesser Scaup are normally have very simple dark brownish plumage but in infrared their feathers burst with color and vibrance.