Ibirapuera Park (Part 5)

In some corridor, there are lines of trees. And their branches stretch all the way, trying to reach the sky.

Ibirapuera Park (Part 6)

In some parts of the park there are a variety of types of trees. Some of are huge, but some are simple and fragile.

Ibirapuera Park (Part 7)

This is the entrance of the japanese pavilion. The red is to make a reference to the cherry trees that are a tradition in japanese culture.

Ibirapuera Park (Part 8)

Just by the lake, some trees bend all the way, almouts touching the water. This one in particular seemed like a good opportunity to make a moody photo. With just a touch of yellow.

Ibirapuera Park (Part 9)

When seasons change, the trees are one to give the first notice. This tree was almoust dry and the little leaf was hanging by a thread. A lonely fight with an inevitable fate.

Ibirapuera Park (Part 10)

The difference between rocks, cold and still, against the vivid colors of all the warm, growing and living trees and plants around the park.