Death of Giants

In the last year there has been a wave to recycle the olive orchards in my region of Turkey.  Although some of the destroyed groves have been replaced with apartment buildings, most are being replanted with more predictable cash crops. Some trees are chopped for firewood, others are repurposed as ornaments for shopping centers, apartment complexes, […]

The Savannah

view of the Kenyan savannah as seen coming in for a landing in a bush plane


view of fields in Kenya from a bush plane


view from the window of a bush plane in Kenya

Simply flowers

an abandoned flower vase with dead flowers found in Arles, France

Clouds at the Pyramid

multiple exposure and icm (intentional camera movement) combining the Louvre’s pyramid and some storm clouds over Paris

Through the Porthole

view from our cabin’s porthole on a barge cruise on the Caledonian Canal in Scotland