The Ancient

The Ancient Small

Old spanish cannon with not only a sacred tree to Chamorro culture but endangered tree in the background. Guam, USA

Inner Child

Inner Child small

IR Chrome filter captures the green painted frog just like Aerochrome would have.

IR Autumn

IR Autumn small

Capturing the thick jungle canopy from the tree base in Guam and giving you that autumn feel.

Overlook of Paradise

Overlook of Paradise small

Cetti Bay overlook in Guam, USA. Captures magnificent Japanese architecture complemented by palm trees making for a breathtaking view of the bay.


Sanctuary small

Inarajan natural salt water pools in Guam make a nice place to escape the tropical heat.

Self Reflection

Self Reflection small

Model in rain attire with hood on while laying prone on bench finds joy in finding personal and visual reflection.

Hopeful Captive

Hopeful Captive small

Model peers through the iron bars holding her back from adventure on the other side.

Big Stretch

Big Stretch small

Wild dog got curious and approached me in search for food. Decided to give me a big show and stretch as if it was modeling for the camera.

Cotton Candy Tree

Cotton Candy Tree small

Ancient, sacred, and endangered tree in guam. Luckily I messed up the in camera white balance. Providing a calming cotton candy color as the leaves.

House of History

House of History small

History museum in guam based around chamorro culture and island history.

Irradiated Foliage

Irradiated Foliage small

Peering up from the base of a tree into the thick jungle canopy of guam.

Symmetrical Depth

Symetrical Depth small

Front gate of the museum in guam with satisfying symmetry in the concrete walkway.

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