Desert Storm Sunset

zzzzz Guadalupe time 2020 VII Fin web

The wonderful Guadalupe Mountains of Texas and New Mexico Show off the desert beauty during a long expposure at sunset

The Ranch

The Ranch was a thriving place once upon a time and now is little more than a few trees and crumbling ruins. It must have been quite the place 130 years ago

The Road Home

zzzzz The Road home 2020 web

The Road Home on a nice winding road through Northern New Mexico. 850NM IR mod


A hand colored image from my Kolari Nikon D810 850nm mod. This beautiful little chapel in Northern New Mexico enjoys the rains of the Monsoon storms,

Covid Times 2020

zzzzz Covid Times eagle fin shrp VII 9 2020 web

The destruction of our Earth from the Covid 19 pandemic to the fires which have decimated much of the western US. We really need a great 2021 to forget this year…

Open House

ttt Open House IR 2019 web

An old farmers home on the eastern land of New Mexico. Just a cool view on a summer monsoon day . 850NM

Pilar Hill

ccc Pilar Hill III BW IR 2019 fin web +

A cool Monsoon storm roams the high terrain of Northern New Mexico and this cool tree. 850nm

Encino Storm

zzz encino storm VII web 2020

A beautiful Monsoon storm moves past an old Cottonwood tree that has survived two lightning strike already. The tenacity of life,,, 850nm


Time, 2020 and the storms of Monsoon with the old farmers home.

In The Beginning

The Begiining IR KLaus Priebe

An Image from Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness and the amazing rock formations during Monsoon season.

Rainbow Tower

Rainbow Tower IR KLaus Priebe

Another IR shot from the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness of Arizona capturing a Rainbow in IR along with the amazing rock formation

Life in the Desert

Life in the Deseert IR Klaus Priebe

Another from the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness showing life in the desert and how fragile it is in the unique landscape

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