Dew Drop

A local flower sits amongst leaves in the rough coral of Guam.

Endless Wild

The side of a tree growing in a small park located the city of Hagåtña, Guam.

Bell Tower of Guam

The Merizo Bell Tower, built in the early 1900’s, continues to stand tall off the coast of Guam.

Door to History

A Plaza de España gate, worn from the trials of time and WWII, sits open in Guam.

Seaside Cliffs

Guam is located in the Pacific Ocean. Many know the island for the beautiful beaches but rarely see the unforgiving coral cliffs hidden by the forests.

Garden Between the City

This area is well known to tourists for the perfect photos, but rarely do they learn of the history of the struggle and demise that occurred on these ground. These trees still stand in the area as witnesses of the past.

Man From the Moon

A man sits in the middle of the forrest to enjoy all that Guam has to offer.

Man From Mars

A man sits on the top of a valley posing for a portrait in Guam.