Stark Arbor

Castle Lake, Dunsmuir, California As the storm rolled in over the hills, what was already a brisk day felt as though doom was in the air. The skeletal tree at the rim of the lake only added to the ominous vibe. The infrared view of this scene conveyed that sense of cold, dire, isolation exactly […]

Size is a state of mind

Shark Fin Cove, Davenport, California Sony a7III (full spectrum conversion by Kolari), 720nm IR filter, Zeiss ZF.2 28mm f/2 lens

The Jagged Edge

Shark Fin Cove, Davenport, California Sunsets at the beach can fill the onlooker with many emotions. It is easy for the eye to become overwhelmed with colors or changes in the wind in these brief moments. I enjoy capturing coastal landscapes at sunset in monochrome, because the last light of the day and the Shadow […]

Rainbow Rim

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon While the deep blue color is already. breathtaking. in the visual spectrum, the added intensity of the red foliage made this iconic location seem yet more otherworldly.