Ephemeral encounter in a new York street


The last human locked in front of the wild nature


Beautiful lights on the island

Le Phare

As a Landmark in our crazy lives


The ancestral ou futur of wind turbine

Campagne Electrique

Wind turbins in the middle of a cultivated field as a whitness of our will to enslave everything.

Leau qui dort

Don’t be afraid , all is quiet, the water is calm… far away the cooling towers…

Post EntropiaExclusion

Ukraine, exclusion Zone, 2021…, 35 years after the abandonment of this irradiated territory by men, the vegetation abounds in the middle of a ghost town. It occupies all the free space, ramifies on facades, in asphalt cracks, inside half collapsed buildings. A strange sensation of discovering this nature spreading out on the ruins of our […]