La vale

I was on Mercantour in Alpes in France in october 2019, when the light arrived and designed this beautiful landscape. It was shot with my GFX 50S FS

Alone in Skogafoss

I was in Iceland last week in october 2020 and had this unique chance to be almost alone in this beautifull country. Ir chrome intensified this wild nature.


I was in Norway in Januar 2019, and when I saw this beautifull place with thoses trees in snow I knew it was I good idea to shot with Ir Chrome


This beautifull color since to the ir chome filter seems to be a blood’s earth. It’s shotted in iceland with a GFX50S FS


In Mercantour last year, shoot with my GFX50S FS , the autumn colours are amazing wit this filter, water is more dense.

La menace

In Mercantour last year, after a long ascent , I shot this panorama with my GFX 50S . The clouds arrived and I knew that I must go down shortly…


When I was in Mercantour, in alpes in France last year, I stayed a long time at these place because I felt good , calm. This was shot with my GFX50S FS.

Kirkjufell aurora

Two week ago, in a deserted Iceland, i shoot some northenlights in these beautifull place with my GFX 50S FS

Bird Aurora

I was in Iceland few weeks ago and I shot with my GFX50S FS with no filters Aurora. These one seems to be a bird flying.

Bundi aurora

This beautifull church of bundi in Iceland with northenlights…what else? shot with my GFX 50S.


In Iceland, few weeks ago, this mountain dominated the plain interested me because of the lot of different details who i knew there are well made with my cambo gfx50s FS and à 850nm filter


This iceberg was on the beach in a famous place in Iceland . I shot it with my gfx50S and this 850 nm filter because the transparency and purity is enhanced by black and white.