The Race

A winter scene shot in Florida. The tree in the foreground appears to be holding back the clouds as the boaters race away.

Kofa Solitude

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern U.S. Aircraft were in evidence.

Approaching Chrome

Simple scenes occasionally work well in IR. This is from an undisclosed location along the American Atlantic coast. I wish I were fluent enough in the art of critique to say why this worked for me, but maybe it’s enough to point out that reflections are pretty.


A shot from the roadside in New Mexico. I don’t know whose place this is but it sure was stunning. If I win, I’ll give the property owner half!

Kinda Painterly

Taken through an orange (G) filter on a day when IR shots just weren’t working. Sometimes you just have to take chances though. A fair amount of green wavelengths pop through orange filters so why not use that? A swatch of color maybe?

Extants Opposite

I try to sneak a sliver of the sun into the frame of an IR shot once a in a while just for fun. It’s a wonder the camera hasn’t been destroyed. Usually the results are predictably poor, but on rare occasions I’m treated to a something like this–a blast from the heavens that looks […]

Nope Not This Time

That’s got a hot spot, right? In this case, the clouds parted and a shaft of sunlight illuminated a forest of saplings directly in front of the camera lens. Said lens recorded the scene dutifully and faithfully. I’ll take this skyscape anytime.