Bodnant Hall Wales

A photograph of the National Trust Bodnant Hall and garden in North Wales.

Burton Mere Wetlands

A Winter photograph taken at the RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands on the Wirral Peninsula of England. The channels are swapped to give a blue sky and the red channel has been desaturated.

Natural History Museum London

A photograph taken inside the Victorian built Natural History Museum in London. It was an experiment is see whether infrared could be shot indoors.

The Morecombe Shrimper

A photograph of a Morecombe Shrimp Boat on sands at Meols on the Wirral Peninsula of England. The image is straight out of camera. The ramblers walking into shot were a bonus.

George Evans

A photograph of the Gothic Flaybrick Cemetery at Bidston on the Wirral Peninsula of Merseyside in the UK. The Winter shot was taken with the Samyang 8mm f2.8 fisheye lens.

Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum

An infrared taken at the Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum in Cumbria, England. Taken with a 590nm converted Sony A6000 with a B+W 0.93 830nm filter on the lens.

Kiikjufoss Iceland

A photograph of Kirkjufoss (The Witches Hat) on the Western Peninsula of Iceland.

Ellie Morrison

A portrait of Ellie Morrison processed as a high key portrait