The Nederlands

This is a full spectrum Nexus Panorama taken at the reservoir near Nederland, CO


Shot at Lily Lake in Colorado. Full spectrum nexus panorama, roughly 18 images stitched together

St Marys Glacier Nexus

This is an astro photograph called a nexus panorama shot at St Mary’s Glacier in Sept of 2022. 19 images merged together. Uniquely you can view this image from any orientation.


A long dark solo path

The Living Dead

Went to New Orleans in 2019. Tried a new editing style and it fit this photo perfectly. Taken at Lafayette Cemetery #2

Taken in Denver the day the stay at home order was announced in Wash Park. The still water and quiet serene seemed fit for the occasion.

Haunted Medows

Started a new project this year and this is one of the photos from it. Exploring famously haunted areas in Colorado and plan to make a book of it. Taking all of the photos in IR.


Just taking a stroll through a local park.

Life on Mars

This was a happy accident. Originally went out to capture the Perseid meteor shower. But this was also the start of the wildfires in Colorado. We weren’t able to see much of the shower but the smoke rolling in as well as the magical nature of IR at night produced this lovely image.


Long exposure of a local, haunted graveyard with a tap to the tripod.