Autumn Mood

A 550nm picture of a tree that gives an autumn vibe with fire orange foliage and a green sky.

Frozen Time

An urban landscape the freezes a car, and bird passing by in place.

Plant 8368

A black and white 550nm chiaroscuro picture of a plant.

Quilted Sky

A non-traditional landscape featuring only the sky and a single tree, in 550nm. The sky has a very beautiful quilted look.

Sky ADF4

A landscape featuring an almost painterly sky, and extremely red foliage.

Desert Majesty

A black and white landscape of showing the majesty of the desert.

Not Snowy

A 720nm landscape where the foliage looks like snow.

Superstitious Pano

A very wide 720nm panorama with the Superstition Mountains at the center.

Western Sky

A black and white 720nm landscape with a particularly beautiful sky.

Cozy Street

A nice Cozy street pic with beautiful red foliage provided by the IR Chrome filter.

Plant AAFF

A black and white picture of leaves illuminated at night with an infrared flashlight.