Mid Day Sun

Great light coming through the trees on a random walk to a local lake

IR Subject Isolation

Here is an explanation of two extreme subject isolation techniques that I like using with infrared.

Morning Light

An early morning infrared shot from Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. I managed to get get off a quick shot of a plane going over the mountain as the first bit of sunlight lit up the edges of the trees.


On the way to Gothenburg’s Air Museum I shot this image of our tram. I love the high contrast B&W you get from a clear sky with the 850nm filter

Brugge Mini

This is the ‘Church Of Our Lady’ viewed from the ‘Belfry Of Brugge’. This is a masked, fake tilt-shift image. I rather wish we’d gone up here on one of the previous days because they were almost completely clear.

Hampstead Tree

A nice evening walk home, snapping the odd IR photo in the sporadic sunshine. These colours are what I get by pushing the green and blue channels a bit. It’s what I usually get before applying the ‘false colour’ channel swap to get the foliage yellow. In this case I just kind of liked the […]


Taken in the last hour we had in Grindelwald, this was the only time we had a clear view, but I’m glad we had got some nice weather.


This image was taken as we descended from the highest point of our walk at Glenridding. I kind of like the way this processing brings out the different colours in the plants and trees

Morning Valley

This view blew me away and I’m so happy that I captured it in colour IR on a clear morning!

Morning Light On The Matterhorn

We were really lucky to see this super clear view of the Matterhorn as we were leaving to catch the last Glacier Express (to St. Mortiz). Having only a few hours in each location and not being able to explore them properly was rather painful, but I’m happy to have snapped this.


An infrared studio portrait of Estrany with some extra photoshopped vampi-ness. Under harsh studio lighting the Zeiss FE 55mm lens was the only one to stand up to the flaring and hotspot issues.