Tropical life in contrast

This picture of a tropical waterfall was made by me in a sunny hot day in Indonesia. I like contrast which appears when vegetation becomes white and light grey instead of sky which create mood of a picture. Mostly i try to make pictures in retro style with a shifted tones which can’t be achieved […]

Natural window

This view seems for me interesting cause it has different levels of interaction with a viewer. At first we see a natural window created by a tree branch, then some trees with the goats under them and finally we see dark stormy sky on a background. This photo was made in Indonesia with a B+W […]

Details in the shadow

This view of a road looked very interesting especially in infrared light cause in a visible light is has too much grey in shadows. IR makes trees become lighter and some vegeration on then even become light-grey. Thus we have a full contrast photo with white leaves, semi-grey trunk of tree and black road with […]

Cave dwellers

This photo illustrates an ancient cave dwellers life. In infrared we get a dark sky and a have chosen a separately standing housing. As expected caves go to dark tones in infrared together with the sky and vegetation in white cause of a hot sunny day in Turkey, Cappadocia thus creating a required contrast. I […]

Another planet

This view seemed to me like made on another planet cause of a strange housings of an ancient cave dwellers. Something like this we have seen in Star Wars movie (planet Tatooine). I have taken infrared camera with me cause i knew that this place was photographer a million of times in visible spectrum and […]

Secret source

This photo being dark and not interesting in visible spectrum appears absolutely different in infrared. New vision creates a possibility for us to see things in a different way. Darl water with a grey and light-grey leaves give us a good contrast creating a mood of a landscape. This photo was made in Turkey with […]

Lost civilizations

One of most interesting genres of the infrared photo is making photos of a ancient ruins. This time it was a ruin of the ancient greek town in Turkey. Photo was made with a B+W 092 filter

Living rocks

I named this photo as “living rocks” cause it has a lot of housings where ancient people lived. You can see a dark holes made by humans in these rocks. Good for us these rocks in Turkey are mostly of a limestone which become light-grey on infrared photos. Human-made caves and dark sky (originally blue) […]

In the fairy tale

Sometimes you have wait to make a good infrared photo in a cloudy day but instead of just losing time trying to make photos in visible spectrum you really have a chance. I made several photos of this castle and after it rain started. A few beams of light made this photo possible. I used […]

A long road to nowhere

This place is the abondoned peat development in Russia. My kids (you see two of them running towards the camera) appear the only light spots on a peat road. Dark “stormy” sky and white vegetation also create a good contrans and multi-level deep of a photo. I used B+W 092 filter.

Into the sky

This photo was made on a highest spot of a Germany. So you see all the peakes of lower rocks. Some trees appear dark-grey due to the type of their leaves. This photo maybe make you thinks it’s aerial but it’s not. Only fresh air and white snow.

Looking up

I tried to find a good tone contrast which will show the beauty of a nature. With infrared spectrum it was possible to do in on shot cause shadows were not completely dark but light-grey. I used B+W 092 filter.