I just want to touch you

A ghostly image at Hollywood Cemetery – 2 images using 850 nm filters. One without my ghostly friend, one with,

Walk with Me

4 850nm images combined in Hollywood Cemetery. The base image is the cemetery with 3 images of the model walking in the cemetery superimposed.

Dragon into a Burning Sky

This is a Heron taking to the skies. 590 nm filter and the silhouette give the appearance of a dragon.

The 9th Hole

Golf course 9th hole in 590 nm with red blue channel swap.

Incoming Front

A simple landscape, red / blue channel swap, with incoming clouds

Creek in Reserve

Small creek in a reserve area that feeds into a small lake. 590nm filter Red blue channel swap.


Red blue channel swap with editing to remove a park bench.

A bridge to

A bridge to where? A simple 590 nm photo of a footbridge in an office park.