Where to Now St Peter

Statue of St. Peter in Warwick, RI, USA. Photo inspired by Elton John’s song of the same name.

Photo Essay Road Lines

I have a deep appreciation for visual patterns and creativity in any context. Crosswalks and road lines are hallmarks of intelligence, so this series centers on human ingenuity. These simple graphic marks represent the collective agreement in society that lines painted on asphalt are all it takes to keep pedestrians safe from harm and to […]


A hidden marriage proposal at Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI, USA

Photo Essay Symmetry

Symmetry is everywhere. In a complex, imperfect world, humans have a drive to create stability and order, which have manifested in our structures throughout history. Through infrared photography, the “unnatural” parts of the world present themselves in perfect harmony with the organic randomness found in nature—a harmony that is sometimes overlooked or discounted. Architecture brings […]


Abstract reflections on city windows in Providence, RI, USA


Stairwell at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth