The Christmas Trees on top of the hill at 3 Crow Farm

My Sister The Winter Storm

This was a huge storm that hit Cape Ann, Massachusetts last winter. Waves the likes of which we never see, devastating the coast line. My sister Suzanna, watching the waves break in the foreground.

Riot Fest Infrared Sunset

This is a special shot of a massive punk rock music festival in Chicago, IL ‘Riot Fest’ shot at sunset, from on top of a signal tower.

Tribecca NYC Infrared Dusk

This is a shot at dusk from a rooftop in Tribecca, looking south towards lower Manhattan. I love the way the colors of the city lighting up at night come out, with the fading daylight in the sky.

Wind Fire on 3 Crow Farm

Walking around my fathers farm, shooting the animals and landscape is one of my greatest pleasures. Was really happy with this frame, shot on my Infrared 5Diii. Wind & Fire is the name of the horse, she is a standard bred trotter, a racehorse, racing in Maine.

Winter Forest Setting Sun

This is the woods behind my mothers house, after a snow storm, from an infrared timelapse of the entire day. This is late in the day with the sun low in the horizon, creating a wild lens flare.