Linn Cove Milky Way Core

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My mantra for milky way photography is “Find a good landscape first. Then figure out how to put the milky way in it.” This time I broke my own rule. Shot at 55mm this image shows many areas of nebulae (fuzzy areas of reds, blues, and yellows) within and near the milky way core.

Linn Cove Viaduct Milky Way

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The Linn Cove Viaduct was the final section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Completed in 1987, it was delayed for twenty years as environmentalists, adjacent landowners, engineers, and architects sought a design that would preserve and protect the fragile habitat of adjacent Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.

Elk River Milky Way

Elk River Milky Way 08945133 888e 4680 b99a 0afa15205d1d

Elk River Falls is a local swimming hole in western North Carolina. It was a 2 hour drive and a short hike in hopes that there would be a break in the heavy cloud cover long enough to get a milky way shot. Our perseverance paid off with a 1 hour cloud free window.

Edenton Waterfront Park

Edenton Waterfront Park 74aa7f41 0e57 4dab b6bd 7ac269eca34a

Milky way photographers go to great lengths to find the darkest skies possible. While Edenton, North Carolina is in a remote area, this image captures the milky way nicely even though immediately behind and beside me are the bright street lights inside the park. I came for sunset pictures and stayed for the milky way […]

Howards Creek Silo with Milky Way

Howards Creek Silo w Milky Way cc2e4522 131a 485b ba15 a86c2754eb08

The milky way isn’t always the star. I’ve passed this old silo many times, always thinking I need to take a picture of it. Sure it’s unique with a tree growing out the top and a window, but is it really worth a special trip just to take its picture? Nope! It was worth 3 […]


Cemetery 6a93487c 722d 4fe7 be9b c650b3f225a8

Infrared captures nicely the moody feeling of this historic cemetery in historic Statesville, North Carolina, USA

Mile High Swinging Bridge

Mile High Swinging Bridge 6ea19ce2 e43e 4287 a639 74978ad0fd86

As the sign proclaims, the bridge is 5280 feet above sea level. The catch is that the bottom of the ravine it crosses is about 5180 feet above sea level. Still it’s an exciting crossing with spectacular views all around.

Mountains or Sea

Mountains or Sea 16102531 fbbc 4bb2 b90e 68fcfb927c51

Early morning in the North Carolina mountains…or is it the North Carolina coast? The fog on the mountains played differently in the foreground and the middle ground. What looks to be waves crashing on the horizon are actually more mountains. Then again, the foreground could be coastal brush with sand dunes in the middle ground […]

Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky e4b91182 d6da 4aa9 959a 4ee7b9c2a769

I decided to try infrared for my entry in our local club’s photo walk in Historic Statesville, NC, USA. I thought the near and far trees framed the steeple structure of one of the old homes nicely.

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