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At the entrance to “The Subway” in Zion National Park, this tree and others stand as guardians of the entrance to this protected formation.

Silent Reflection

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A peaceful moment of personal reflection while on a wander through the woods.

Mind like Water

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Zend Buddhists preach the concept of “mind like water” which looks like being completely focused and clear. In this state one is able to freely create and is how I felt when making this image.


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A wonderful trio of trees on a mountainside in Southern Utah.

Island In the Trees

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On a backcountry road I saw this interesting perspective. This mountain looked like an island floating in the trees.

The Mascot

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To me, the yucca is the mascot of the dunes. They are familiar friends that welcome my return.

The Patriarch

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I had the honor of visiting the largest Joshua Tree in Nevada. It’s breathtaking.

Emerald Falls

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At a popular location in Zion National Park, while everyone is looking down at the pool, I looked up and made this image of it’s source.

Into the Dunes

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I am completely captivated by these amazing dunes. Every time I visit, these textured washes welcome me in and beckon me to explore.

A Walk in the Woods

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While on a visit to my home state of California, my husband and I went on a walk in the most beautiful woods. I hope this image captures the magic of the scenery.

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