The reflection of Buddha on the water gives a sense of silhouette and accentuated by the the warm light behind him.

Ruins and Buddha

Calm and peaceful place of Sukhothai historical park, Thailand.

Heaven on Earth

Calm and peaceful place of Sukhothai historical park, Thailand.

Painted Sky

Pine trees, bright sky and some moving clouds in Norway.

East of Eden II

Colors and trees patterns along with the cabin in Oslo’s folk museum give a sense out of nowhere.


Anodart Pool, a heavenly land where enshrines the paradise is protected by these Nagas, after the Hindou-Bouddhist belief.

Against the Sun

The tree is standing alone on the hilltop surrounded by a vast grass field in Gjorvik, Norway.


The water lily just blooms at the early sun drenching slowly on the pond.


This monster had done many bad actions in his past lives. He is at large out there and roaming and begging for offerings.

Dawn of Happiness

A reflection of Buddha on a pond surrounded by some water lily. The flower represents as well an emerging from the ignorance to the golden light and the Lord Buddha’s wisdom.

Fields of Pagodas

Bagan, the ancient capital of Myanmar is filled with more than 4,000 pagodas. Even in ruins state a visit on a horse carriage is very impressive among these monuments.


Meditation is a way to retreat and indulge yourself from all kind of stress. Find a bliss place somewhere else.