The owner of the sheep

The owner of the sheep This man takes the sheep every day in the early morning and goes with them to the fields to eat the herbs and he takes care of them and takes care of them

The king of colors

Uncle Salama is the owner of the oldest dyestuff in Egypt, called the king of colors because he dyes all strings and ropes at all times, with high quality, dyed so far. Manually operated

A child is riding a bike

A child rides a bike as he returns from a market and carries things for the house with sunlight on him

The boy with the bees

This boy is raising bees, and he used to work on this day picking honey with her mother and brother

Bread holder

This young man distributes bread every morning on his bike and he carries the bread cage on his head and runs with it quickly and controls his bike with ease


At sunset at Lake Burullus, located in one of the governorates of Egypt, most of the people of the lake work by fishing for sunset fish in this area, something legendary.

Sun light

The sunlight at sunset is a bit of astonishment at sunset. One of the things that touch my heart

Lake Burullus during sunset

Lake Burullus during sunset The amazing sunset on this day on Lake Burullus is one of the most beautiful sunset that I have seen

The son helps his father

This child works with his father in the laundry, helps him with dyeing, and works by dyeing strings and ropes