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Self portrait photography This photo is a portrait of myself clicked using remote control facilities in Sony camera software

Ribblehead Viaduct

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Pentax K1 Sigma 35mm Art Omegon LX3 Mini Track Sky – ISO 500 – 60s – f2 Foreground – ISO 400 – 180s – f1.4 It’s minus 2 degrees Celsius and the Milky Way is slowly rotating around my desired position and am cold! This was one of my last shots of the night. I […]

Whispers on the Wind

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Nikon D3300 Tokina 11-16mm Omegon LX2 Mini Track Sky – f2.8 – ISO 400 – 240s Foreground – f2.8 – ISO 800 – 240s I originally titled this picture ‘whispers on the wind’, because when I was taking my shots for this photo, on the edge of the cliff, waves striking the sharp rocks far […]

Tr Mawr Lighthouse

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Pentax K1 Samyang 24mm Omegon LX2 Mini Track Foreground – 4mins – f1.8 – ISO 400 Sky – 10mins – f2 – ISO 200

Distant Tr Bach Lighthouse

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Pentax K1 Irix 15mm Samyang 24mm Omegon LX2 Mini Track Foreground – 15mm – 4 mins – f2.4 – ISO 400 Sky – 24mm – 10 mins – f/2 – ISO 200

Pauls Bay

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D3300 Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 Omegon LX2 Mini Track Sky – 5 stacked and stacked exposures – 4 min – f2.8 – ISO 800 Foreground – 3 stacked shots – 30 secs – ISO 1600 – f2.8

The Fishing Hut with Fading Comet Neowise

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Pentax K1 (full spectrum with Kolari Vision UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2) Samyang 24mm f1.4 A spectacular night that ended at Porth-y-Cychod with fading noctilucent clouds and comet neowise

Place Fell

Place Fell a3996f80 f1ea 4763 8dc0 c5b8d67013e6

Pentax K1 (full spectrum with Kolari Vision UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror Pro 2 ) Sigma 35mm f1.4 art Foreground – 6 image wide pano – 4 min – ISO 100 – f2 Sky – 7 image pano – tracked – 1min – ISO 400 – f2

Crosbys Iron Man

Crosby d563c48b 7075 4d72 b67f f67bf0c97621

After spotting some interesting clouds formations driving home from work, I headed down to the beach for sunset. Turns out sunset was a dud, but, as the wind picked up, the clouds grew angry, and I managed to snag this shot 🙂

Sylvan Sunset

Sylvan Sunset 1 02314233 a898 4849 ba6d 75d4a817c1b2

Sylvan Mountains shot at sunset over Yellowstone Lake.

Wonderous Grace (Stimulated False IR Color)

Wonderous Grace (Stimulated False IR Color) 57683454 14f9 43f2 9e3f 3ff5ff8106a1

This isn’t infrared but it is very similar editing techniques with a similar False Color Result. I’m still hoping to get a camera converted, but it is interesting. The Digital School of Photography has a really good tutorial on how to start playing around with this (

Ten thousand Fireflies

Ten thousand Fireflies 718d9169 5c25 43ce ad8c ffca3d393290

This is a manual stack of 40 images to capture the various light trails of the fireflies at: 2.5 sec, F/1.8, ISO 1600 taken right after each other and then combined in photoshop. The base image is at 30 secs, f/4.5, ISO 640

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