Rise and Vote

Taken on the morning of the 2020 Presidential election outside the polling station.


In this photo you can see the Santa Ponça windmill, in Mallorca. Formerly it was used to grind wheat and today it is one of the most significant historical buildings in the area. I took this photo at sunrise. I only used a 720nm IR filter.

Salamanca and the bridge

This is a view of the city of Salamanca from the left bank of the Tormes river. In the foreground the Rodríguez Fabrés iron bridge, inaugurated in 1913, and behind the Salamanca Cathedral with its characteristic tower and cupola. To take this photo I used a 720nm ir filter and a 6-stop ND filter.

Lakeside 720

First time trying 720 IR. Used the Kolari 720 Pro 77mm on my Full Spectrum Pentax K1. Location was at a local lake in Chandler Arizona in October, 2020

After the Fire

Controlled burns are common throughout the Lowcountry in South Carolina. These activities support subsequent vegetative growth and wildlife.

Hobo Hideaway

A few of the dark alleys throughout downtown Savannah, Georgia provide ideal resting locations among the homeless.

Old Cedar

An old Cedar tree located along a tidal salt marsh.