Mantis 550

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A Praying Mantis, picture taken with an full spectrum action camera modified to use Kolari IR filters.

Des Moines Pond

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A pond in Des Moines Iowa, picture taken with an full spectrum action camera modified to use Kolari IR filters.

Black Walnuts

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Some decaying black walnuts, picture taken with an full spectrum action camera modified to use Kolari IR filters.

Mythical Memory

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When shooting Mythical Memory, I wanted to create something magical and surreal, to send viewers over the horizon. To achieve this, I had my subject wear a unicorn mask and bright robes. To create this dreamscape, I utilized 550nm infrared filter and tweaked the lighting to give off a sweet pink atmosphere.

Radiant City

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Transitioning from summer to fall, the cityscapes never cease to radiate their unique energy.


Nina Jekel (1 von 6) 33e1f197 948b 4ce4 b89b c94e7f679b91

Lily, my dear friend. I see you only a few times a year, but your radiant beauty always fascinates me.

Dawn of Everything

Nina Jekel (2 von 6) 53c6b91c 402c 4bfc 9c79 7a02ba654c83

Rhe winter light embraces the leaves and shows the enduring life in the mountains.

New Light

Nina Jekel (4 von 6) 14851ab1 c422 4354 a02a 1b22bf35d793

The summer light reveals the vegeation that runs through the urban landscape. colors that remain hidden from the eye, but can still be recorded.

Coming Home

Nina Jekel (3 von 6) 1cb2d7f1 a326 43bc a12c 65fa5955ebc3

The mountains have many facets, infrared awakens yet another side to them. for me, mountains radiate a feeling of security and home, even though i grew up near the sea.

Mushroom City

Nina Jekel (6 von 6) 60669f3e 3d5d 4ce0 b020 684f6d8c7e68

Buildings that grow out of the ground like mushrooms in the forest. From an aerial perspective, they show their true beauty in rows and rows.

Sedona in Infrared

IR Landscape Sedona in Infrared Tim Liscum bd784847 9d15 4e31 ac65 2c698deed726

Mid Morning shot from a hike in Sedona.. Shot on Pentax K1 Full Spectrum and Kolari Pro 590nm at 24mm

The pond

The pond d4be4338 b735 481e a454 30dda1eb4b71

The pond in the Buen Retiro park in Madrid (Spain). Many people will enjoy rowing boats next to the monument to King Alfonso XII, even though it was a cold January morning. Canon EOS 6D with a Canon EF 24-70 mm f/1.4L lens. 1/1250, f/6.3, ISO 100. 550nm filter.

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