Photo of a monument, in Chennai, India


Ancient lighthouse on a hill at Mahabalipuram, South India

Santa Magdalena

The photo was taken in Domomites region. The scene was awesome, beatiful light and clouds were moovnig fastly. Too have maximum details I used a telephoto lens and I took several shoots to make a huge panorama. Here is the result, and I hope you’ll like it.

Landscape in the IR range

he photo was taken in one of the parks in Beijing. The photo is stitched from several frames to increase the angle.


Photo of early spring. Added color using Viveza filter in Photoshop.

Town Noon

The photo was taken at noon in a shopping center. Enhanced the color using the Viveza filter in Photoshop.


I shot the shadows of the metal body early in the morning. Enhanced yellow and blue for expressiveness.


Portrait of a wonderful person and an excellent stylist Ilya