La Torre

Fotografía tomada en Los Monegros de Zaragoza.

La Tranquera

Fotografía del embalse de la Tranquera en la provincia de Zaragoza.

Los Monegros

Paisaje fotografiado en Los Monegros de Zaragoza.

Río Ebro

Fotografía tomada desde la orilla izquierda del río Ebro a su paso por Zaragoza.


There are places in this world that make me happy every time I arrive home to them. Union Meadows, is one of these places. Each time I come over the hill to this section at Copper Mountain Ski Area, it always brings a smile to my face. This place holds memories from my childhood growing […]

Ficus Tree 1

Hiking through the rainforests in Costa Rica, there were so many new sights to soak in. It was the ficus trees that grabbed my attention from the beginning, and it became a new photographic passion. That day sparked a new obsession, photographing unique trees in infrared. I loved their unique shapes of the winding and […]

Ficus Tree 2

Traveling to new places helps keep perspectives fresh. Walking through the rainforest in Costa Rica opened my eyes to new flora and fauna I had never seen before, but it was the unique shape of the ficus trees that grabbed my attention. Each twisted root had its own fin-like shape that sprawled across the forest […]