Acient IR times

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i took this photo in Delphi during summer trip, love the idea of greek ruins contrasting with OR color

Santa Barbara Courthouse

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People come from far and wide to see the beautiful Santa Barbara Spanish Revival Building that houses the Courthouse.

Japanese Garden

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The Huntingdon Gardens in Pasadena California have many different areas, this one was taken in the Japanese Garden

Fantasy Island

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Taken at the LA Arboretum where the TV series Fantasy Island was shot.

Sierra Gold

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An Egret sitting on a fence enjoying the view of the Santa Barbara Channel as was I.

Fly me to the Moon

20160823 Voo CGH CWB IR DSC6326 Edit Edit (Full)

A capture during our landing procedure in the Curitiba city and crossing with another flight.

Tumbling Waterfall

20151018 Cachoeira do Tombo DSC0335 Edit Edit (Full)

Captured on the Tumbling Waterfall trail with long exposure 720nm filter camera.

Tumbling waterfall and pool

20151018 Cachoeira do Tombo DSC0325 Edit (Full)

The Thumbling waterfall got its name from the numerous visitors that have fallen trying to go to the top of the waterfall. A long exposure capture with a 720nm filter camera.

Sunset on Lockdown

20200507 Por do Sol IR DSC8948 Edit (Full)

Image taken during lockdown with plenty of time to watch sunsets from my apartment.

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