On a walk around a wooded area near Dingle in County Kerry, i stumbled across an abandoned cottage with some overgrown ivy.

South American cloudplay

In Ecuador the clouds interact with the topography to generate cloud forest. This is a handheld shot from my roof.

Tropical cliffs

A tropical evergreen forest in full spectrum, with visible light and 720nm IR shot separately and then combined.


Photo of Horsehoe Bend in Arizona


Photo of a tree with a very sideways growth to it in Bryce Canyon, UT.

Mundus Gubernadi

Black and white infrared photo of Elephant Rock, located in the Valley of Fire just outside of Las Vegas.

The Other Side

Infrared Photo from inside the Chapel of the Holy Dove just outside of Scottsdale Arizona.

dream come true

Simple and natural: no channel swap, no retouching, just white balance to emphasize the beauty of pictures taken with a Kolari 665 filter – supported by the special swirly optics of an old style manual Petzval lens. Just like the sponatneous expression of the model states: it truely is an infrered dream come true…