Moonrise over the West Spanish Peak

An incredible moment in time. Black and white visible light image of the actual moonrise over the West Spanish Peak. Black and white processing done in Photoshop with the B&W Artisan Pro X panel.

121 Gigawatts

[A6600] The modified DeLorean used in Back to the Future on show at the National Mall in Washington DC at night; light painted with the electric flashes as it is about to jump through time. Washington Monument in distance, and US Capitol dome in the reflection


Boston architecture (resubmitted as first attempt did not go through!) – The black and white amplifies the patterns and textures of the architecture in Boston; smooth curves, rough planes, parallel lines, and grids.

Witchs Castle Portland OR

Young girl exploring the Witch’s Castle in the woods near Portland, OR – a ruined Park Ranger station from the 1930s.

Chapmans Peak Drive

Aerial view of Chapman’s Peak Drive in South Africa – a 9km long stretch of road carved out a steep cliff right above the Atlantic Ocean. A thrilling drive, and a towering engineering marvel.