Animal connection

Horse that I found with the sunset light in three quarters and a realy good mood to colaborate.

thriller in the forest

Even a daylight scene with the proper perspective can turn really interesting to set a drama/thriller proposal.

Metallic sunset

Amazing place that is a few kilometers away from the city where I live.

Whispers of Love

I took this photo in Hyde Park, in London on a bright summers day. It made me think of two lovers, holding each other, gently whispering to each other, endearments, for their ears alone.

Falling Petals

I photographed this tree in Hyde Park, London in the middle of summer and overplayed the petals which are from a hydrangea. I love the juxtaposition of the appearance of snow and the end of something, as if sleeping, yet the hopefulness of the pink of spring and rebirth.

The golden cape

This picture was taken in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The rock in the center of the screen is named Sannou-iwa. This is one of the natural treasure in Iwate Prefecture. I attempt to express sky and ocean in gold. This is my first submission to this contest!

Classic Car

720nm image of woman next to a junked classic car