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After drought and flood conditions, the sturdy foliage holds on for the onset of frost season. NJ Pinelands, October 2022

Sylvan Sunset

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Sylvan Mountains shot at sunset over Yellowstone Lake.

The Blue Line

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The river that runs through Marmorslottet is a bright teal blue, almost as you see here. The bright color of the water makes a great contrast to the red colors of tge IR Chrome filter.

Nordic Drama

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Taken in the region of Lofted Norway, one of the many peaks that caught the light in a dramatic way, just the way I love it.

The Slow Wave

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The Reinebringe Climb in Lofted Norway had some spectacular rock formations. You could almost see the lava flow building these immense landscapes before it cooled down and settled itself.

Castle and Heather

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Eilean Donan Castle, nestled into lush heather and set against the misty Coille na Totaig, shows a more playful version of ‘dark and stormy’.

The SS Point Reyes

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A worn and weathered fishing boat rests against a sandbar on Point Reyes Peninsula, California.

Hawaiian Rainbow

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I saw this rainbow off the coast of Kauai and wondered what it would look like in IR. The RAW photo was developed using Capture One and processed via Photoshop for red-blue swap and refined with ON1 Effects.

Joren Falls

Lederman Color1

Photo of Joren Waterfall in Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan.

Fluorescence macroscape


A liverwort fluorescing under UV flashlight shining through a visible-light-blocking filter; camera has UV-blocking filter. These colors are the true colors; this is not a false-color image. Note: Camera was an Olympus PEN F, not available in your drop-down list so I chose the most similar camera from the list.

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